Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love For Sale (but only in the best way)!

canvas wraps, framed art
Family friendly art for any room!
Oh the internet... now the entire world is my gallery and everyone gets the opportunity to take home a little piece of my heart.

In other words, I now have an online store at Imagekind to sell Fine Art Prints, Gallery Framed Art, or a Canvas Wrap of my watercolors.

These images can be printed up to a massive 55 inches -- that's over 4 feet long! So, I'm working to get the cleanest and highest resolution shots of my artwork. I'm starting slow.

You can get to the Imagekind store at anytime from this blog with the tab at the top of the page labeled "The Fine Image Shop"

You may notice that I'm calling the shop "Designomel" as in Design-of-Melissa. Eventually, I'll showcase children's art, animal art, floral art, and (dare I be so bold) fine art.

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