Friday, November 29, 2013

Every Friday is Black Friday

So much fun stuff delivered right to your door!
The Holiday Store is now open!

I've added several of my watercolor characters to some amazing products at CafePress. Through the end of December, you can purchase Bird & Bear on a bib, a dragon on a t-shirt, or a horse on a new wallet.

Why not keep the store up all of time?

Well, I want to keep it fresh. I also want to stay true to myself as a fine artist and focus on the choices that make for the best paintings and not worry about what will sell to the most people.

So you'll only find my watercolors in the CafePress store for a limited time. I'll let you know in the blog when I've opened a new pop-up store. Of course, you can always contact me if you have any custom product or artwork requests.

By the way, every friday is Black Friday when your last name is Black. Some of you may grumble at that joke. You should. It was awful.

Others of you may grumble about Black Friday being a dark day of people behaving badly and rushing to the stores before the sun rises. The truth is that Black Friday is when most retailers get "in the Black" for the year, meaning they show a profit, as opposed to being "in the Red" or in debt.

So a Happy and Fruitful Black Friday to All!

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