Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Birth of Design (or Does It Really Take a Goddess to Pull This All Together?)

Designer in Pencil 
Confession time - I enjoy puzzles.

Not like jigsaw puzzles. Visual puzzles. Spacial puzzles. Even on occasion life puzzles. I like making connections between things and finding ways to fit things together, combining elements in new ways to tell a story. If I can use those connections to draw your eye around the space, then I've unlocked something special.

To wear the Designer hat is all about problem solving the puzzle of how to translate the Mad Man's vision into reality. Does the piece work in 2D or do you need to walk around it? Can you make a bolder statement in sharp contrasting black and white or rich saturated colors? Will an intimate little 5 inch by 7 inch painting draw in the viewer or should it be an over the top 5 foot by 20 foot extravaganza? Each answer drastically changes what we see and how that artistic vision will be constructed.

The Designer - Good design is part science and part art. There's a logic, a studied experiment, and a serious history to understand how elements fit together. The art is what elevates it from work to almost effortless design. 

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