Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chicken Poop

Goldie - the Stealth Pooper
Ode to the Glamorous Life of an Artist

One year
52 pets
Endless pet hair and feathers
After all, the best fun is usually messy

What I didn't count on...

32 dog sneezes 
(with far ranging snot)

Theron the Great Pyrenees 
drooling buckets full down my thigh 
(He only got one very heavy jean's leg. I'm lucky I didn't start walking in circles)

Rascals the Harlequin Rabbit's 
er... ah... amorous attention to my ankle

Peanuts the Cow Cat's 
punch in the face 
(claws in, thankfully!)

And yesterday...

Goldie the Gold Star Chicken 
silently pooped on my shorts while I was holding her.
(and I thought we were getting along so well)

I really do love animals. Not always sure why, but I really do love them.

When I discovered that I had been painted with drops of chicken poo, I silently thanked Goldie for not getting my bare legs or sandals. Then, I remembered that it's good luck if a bird poops on your left side, so I should go buy a lottery ticket. 

Finally, I thought maybe Goldie was overcome with excitement from being picked above the other chickens, the adorable puppy, and the two lazy cats in the family to be part of the Petburbia Project. Despite her messy objections she'll have her story and her painting posted on the Petburbia blog this fall.

By the way, I don't always believe the commercials, but Tide and Whirlpool kept their promises. There is no more evidence that I got "fowled" by a chicken.

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