Friday, February 28, 2014

Bombs, Ballets, & Breakouts

University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis 
I miss the Olympics. I love the anticipation before the race, the heart-pounding battle on the ice, and the swell of joy (or agony) as the winners receive their medals.

Last Saturday, I met some medal winners. The kid lit kind! I braved our inch thick, icy Minnesota highways to attend the 22nd Annual Hubbs Children's Literature Conference at the University of St. Thomas. (If I had taken a picture of the campus that day all you would see was white. The snow piles were over 6 feet tall.)

My favorite words of wisdom from the day...

"History is a series of moral contradictions." - Steve Sheinkin, Newbery Honor author.

"Illustrating has brought me to places I've never thought I'd go." - Lauren Stringer, IRA Children's Choice Award author and illustrator.

"Who knows more about what's fair or righteous then children." - Sarah Warren, Jane Addams Children's Book Award author.

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