Wednesday, January 1, 2014


New year. New goals.

If I put it out in the universe (or at least the internets) some friendly soul will gently kick my butt about following through with my lofty artistic goals. You will won't you?
  • Complete the Petburbia Project
    • Paint and post a new pet picture for every week of 2014. Ambitious or crazy? Ask me in April.
  • Submit my middle grade novel to at least 20 great editors/agents.
    • A Loft Literary Center advanced writing class started me on this journey and I've had some wonderful people helping me edit the story. 2014 is the year to push the novel from the nest and see if it soars into the hearts of any publishing professionals.
  • Show in at least 5 gallery or art spaces
  • Complete and submit a picture book proposal (or 2 or more).
    • All the best authors and illustrators have a pile (if not hundreds) of rejection letters. I need to start collecting mine.
  • Get a solid handle on Photoshop and sharpen my photography skills
    • I love the natural feel of watercolors, but after building and my blogs I can see how these tools can really make a page pop.
  • Build an email list
    • I want to connect with other artists, art lovers, book lovers, pet lovers, and genuinely awesome people. Let me know if you want to be the first on my list!
Happy New Year!

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