Saturday, October 6, 2012

About me...

The first time my preschool held an art contest I won.  I've had paint under my nails and ink on my nose ever since.

My first and my greatest watercolor teacher is my mom, Cynthia Black.  More on her to come.

Between honors courses and a variety of school activities I flew through all of my high school art classes and had to create an independent study course to continue developing my watercolor skills.

Again in college I took every drawing and painting class available then created my own independent study to research and try my hand at writing and illustrating children's books.

Picture books have long held a treasured place in my heart.  A healthy collection of kid lit bursts from my bookshelves.

I have worked with children's books for many years first in retail sales and currently with a school library acquisition company.
My studio has a great south-facing window that streams in lots of sunlight on those cold Minnesota winters.  Note the stool next to my desk.  My cat sits there to critique my work.

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